RFU English Clubs Championship RegulationsReach to Score

Many of the English Club Championship Regulations are available at RFU.com.

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RFU North Administrative instructions

The RFU North Administrative instructions for the 2022-23 season are now available - click here

League Secretaries' Resources

Forms used by League Secretaries in the administration of their clubs are available for download below...

Form 1 - Breach of Competition Regulations

Form 2 - Notice of Default

Form 4 - Notice of Failure to play Match on Appointed Date

Form 4a - Breach of Regulations

Form 5 - Appeal Procedure for Clubs

Form 5A - Advice for League Secretary

Form 5B - Advice for League Secretary

Form 6 - Notice of Failure to Play Match in Accordance with Regulations

Form 7 - Advice to Clubs of Next Available Date

Form 8 - Application for a Saturday to be Not the Next Available

Results - Form to record results as they come in