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Background to Adjustment of Durham/Northumberland Leagues for the 2017-18 season (May 26 2017)

·         At the end of the 2016-2017 season, three teams were relegated from North 1 East (Level 6) to Durham Northumberland 1 (Level 7) and Yorkshire 1 (Level 7).

Two Clubs, namely Durham City and Guisborough were placed in Durham Northumberland 1. One Club, Wheatley Hills was placed in Yorkshire1. 

·         In the Play Off between the Runners Up of Durham Northumberland 1 and Yorkshire 1 to determine which Club was promoted to North 1 East, West Leeds won, resulting in the defeated Club, South Shields Westoe remaining in Durham Northumberland 1.

This resulted in Durham Northumberland 1 having 15 teams, with the result that a request for volunteers was sought for one club to Level Transfer to Yorkshire 1 who only had 13 teams. No Volunteers were forthcoming, so in line with RFU Regulation 13.2.11, Middlesbrough will play in Yorkshire 1 for the 2017-2018 season. As a result, both Durham Northumberland 1 and Yorkshire 1 will have 14 teams. 

·         The relegation of Acklam from Yorkshire 1, resulted in them being placed in Durham Northumberland 2 (Level 8), which resulted in this league having 15 teams, when only 14 teams are required.

This means that Blyth who finished third bottom of DN2, are relegated to Durham Northumberland 3. RFU Regulation 13.2.7 (f) applies. Durham Northumberland 3 will then have 12 teams.